Our Promise

   Lowest Prices :

Okay, everyone loves to boast they have the lowest prices. But, we actually do. In fact, our pricing model is based on skimp margins. We won’t inflate a price and then say to you we will beat someone else’s (although we will), because we are certain you will not find that diamond anywhere else cheaper. And that is the reason we exist; to do away with the middlemen and break the vault on diamond pricing. However, every now and then, because of either exchange rate fluctuations, exclusive agreements, or other idiosyncrasies, it may appear that someone is willing and listed to sell a particular diamond at a lower price; that will almost never be the case. So if you do see such pigs fly, and you find any premium stone listed at a lower price, don't panic, we will not only match it, but beat it.  

Simply let us know if you have spotted a better price, and we will liaise with you about the details. 

Know how to compare a diamond price  

Please refer to our  Terms & Conditions for further details.

  Certified Diamonds:

All of our diamonds are certified by industry-leading agencies around the world. You will have the ability to choose from the likes of GIA, HRD, AGS, IGL, EGL, all of whom use similar stern criteria to assert the integrity of their grading. We promise that any stone you purchase will be a laboratory certified diamond from one of the above agencies, and will be accompanied by a certificate that validates the true description of your stone.

  Ethically Sourced:

Every diamond that Five Carbon sells is screened and sourced only from ethically conforming miners and manufacturers. The Kimberley Process mandate regulates the flow, documentation, and import/export of stones across the world to ensure trade is limited to conflict-free diamonds. Abiding strictly to the principles of the Kimberly Process, Five Carbon will only list diamonds that are 100% compliant.

  Free International Shipping:

At the moment, we only ship to EU clients, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we will get your diamond to you, on our tab. And if it’s a high-value item, a member of our team will make special arrangements, and can even come personally to deliver your precious purchase if it is needed. There are no hidden fees for rare addresses, and absolutely no surprises as everything is insured until the moment you receive your package. Guaranteed.