The Process

Five Carbon was founded on the principle of pricing transparency and low margins. By integrating global inventory into a singular portal, our goal has been to bring fair, insider-direct rates to the end consumer by sidestepping intermediaries artificially inflating prices.

In a traditional diamond supply chain you will have many stages. Once a diamond is sourced in rough form, sightholders and polishers will bid in bulk, process them into the sparklers you desire, and pass them onto local wholesalers. These merchants will in turn pass them onto brokers, often overseas, and that same inventory will either then end up in retail storefronts or online. And each time a diamond exchanges hand, you can be sure plump margins will accompany. By the time you make the purchase, the price will have diverged so much from the value that it would take years, if not longer, to unlock the price you paid.

And even those diamond dealers that can cut the chain will often have large real estate to service, a significant employee base, and many other overhead costs. Where are those costs recouped? In the price of your diamond of course! With Five Carbon however, all of these costs are severely limited, by design, and out of principle. And it is that lean, dynamic structure that enables us to pass our savings and helps retain the value of your purchase.

And of course, even with all of the above, sometimes discrepancies do occur. For a plethora of reasons, including exchange rate fluctuations, exclusive agreements, fine-print, and so-forth, it may appear that someone else is going to sell you a particular premium stone for a lower price. If that is the case, we will not only match the price, but reasonably beat it. Guaranteed.  Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Still have questions? Speak to An Expert and let us do the haggling.