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The Lowest Price Guarantee applies to all premium items. By guide, this will apply to diamonds with a purchase price above £2,000, but Five Carbon Limited at its’ sole discretion, may apply the guarantee on any item with a lower value or nullify its application to any item with a higher purchase price. To be eligible for the discount, the consumer must demonstrate that a viable, legitimate competitor has advertised the exact same item at a lower price. The FiveCarbon team will then seek to confirm the price discrepancy. The user and or consumer acknowledges and accepts that Five Carbon Limited will at its sole discretion determine whether the conditions for the Lowest Price Guarantee are applicable in each individual instance and that Five Carbon Limited, may at its sole discretion, decline its applicability for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to, the lack of a legitimate alternative price or competitor, price manipulation, exclusive pricing agreements between particular retailers and suppliers, exchange rate fluctuations, insufficient information, etc.  If Five Carbon Limited ascertains the Lowest Price Guarantee is applicable, it will process the new price within 48 hours of any affirmative confirmation, and may at its sole discretion offer even a greater price discount. However, should Five Carbon Limited determine the Lowest Price Guarantee is not applicable, there will be no obligation to discount the purchase price, and the original purchase price on www.fivecarbon.com will prevail. Five Carbon Limited will then notify the consumer the reason for the lack of the applicability of the Lowest Price Guarantee, and may at its discretion, choose to either offer the same item at a concessionary price, or offer a similar item at a price lower than advertised on www.fivecarbon.com. Under no circumstance shall the Lowest Price Guarantee be applicable to any item once it has been purchased. The terms & conditions pertaining to the Lowest Price Guarantee are subject to change at any time, and without notice, at the sole discretion of Five Carbon Limited.  Contact Us to report any potential purchase that may be eligible for the Lowest Price Guarantee.