How do you know you are comparing the same diamond?

It may be tempting to simply look at carat, colour, and shape. But in reality, there are many stones that can all have that same classification. Thankfully, there are a few facets that help us determine that we are referencing the same stone.

The simplest way to identify the same diamond is to look at its certification number. Whether it be GIA, HRD, IGI, AGL, etc. they will all have a specific certification number for a particular diamond. If the certificate is the same, the diamond is the same.

If the certificate number is not accessible, another way to identify the same diamond is to compare its grading agency, carat, colour, and shape along with its dimensions. As each stone is crafted specifically from a rough, and polished by a master polisher, and graded by a specific agency, it is very difficult to have the same specifications for more than one stone on the open market.

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