Co-Create your ring

Today, many couples co-habit long before they think of wedding and engagement. They want to get to know each other - likes and dislikes, interests and passions, habits and eccentricities. You would be sharing the same laptop and same internet provider, and with Google and marketers being more savvy, it will be difficult for you to keep the engagement ring question a secret. She would be bombarded with a lot of engagement ring ads every time she is on the internet at home. So, it's no longer a surprise to the one person who really matters.

32% of the women surveyed would love to be part of the engagement ring selection - after all, she will be the one wearing it and cherishing it for a long time. Most women have an idea of the kind of diamond and ring they would like, so no wonder the disappointment with the ring runs longer than the initial surprise of the proposal.

Admittedly, this spoils the surprise element in the popular narrative of a proposal, but then Five Carbon is not just about the moment - Five Carbon is about the experience, about the journey together and about the memories.

Or perhaps, you want to surprise her with the diamond and then co-create the dream ring with your local jeweller.

The choice is yours.

"I always knew the diamond shape and the kind of engagement ring I want. So, when Andrew bought up the discussion around the engagement ring and the budget, we went through the process together. It was more involved than buying a ready-made ring, and now I have the diamond ring that is specially made for me. The experience taught us a bit more about each other and brought us together."

Rebecca from Beckenham

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